„What we do? We deliver your data – to applications, machines, devices and users. In other words: We handle the logistics of your data.“Jan Fuchs, Co-Founder Sunato Stuttgart
„When customers introduce new CRM or ERP platforms, want to connect to new partners or customers, or use new devices, they often want to integrate new applications with their existing world. That´s exactly where we help. By using technologies like BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps, developing applications on .Net, building HoloLens and Surface Hub Apps.“Lorenz Goebel, Co-Founder Sunato Hamburg
Imagine you are in the cosmos. The cosmos of applications, data and users. Then we build the rockets that bring you and your data from one planet to the other. But beyond that, we build shuttle services that you can use for safe transportation of your data reaching any planet, nearby in your own IT environment or far away in another stellular system, back and forth on a fixed or dynamic schedule, transporting anyone no matter where he or she comes from.

We provide shuttle stations and ports for other data-guests to hop on and off the shuttle service. We help in establishing contracts, onboarding data-partners, organizing data-travel-events and round trips through the whole universe.

We speak many languages, in tech- and real life, such as C#, XML/XSL/XPATH, WSDL, T-SQL, German, English, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, French and Russian.
Your Sunato Team

  • Data enrichment

    But have you ever heard of a logistic-enterprise beeing a partnership agency at the same time? Now guess what: we are both! Many of our data-guests get to know others on their travel, they exchange information, get to like each other, sometimes even mary 🙂

  • Maximal Scaling at Minimum-Costs

    We are German engineers – we don’t like speed limits! But of course, safety comes first and we feel responsible to have a minimum impact on the nature. The vehicles we build are fast and reliable, they adopt to your speed and scaling requirements while driving with a minimum of energy and costs.

  • Azure Services, Cloud and On-Premise

    We are not bound to earth. We prefer lightweight services rather than heavy servers. We use frameworks like .Net, cloud plattforms like Azure and then rather build services that you pay when using them. But there are still situations where it makes sense to go the classic way and then we build everything for your own microcosmos, that belongs to you, is maintained by you, controlled by you. In either case we provide security guards, so that no space cowboy robs your data.

  • Mobile Apps and Data Glases

    As a shuttle enterprise we feel dedicated to deliver transparent services that do just what you want. You don’t have to go through years of school bank learning to do, what astronauts do. We simply build apps so that service personell, shuttle drivers and data-guests can communicate. Of course these apps are mobile apps. They run on smartphones, tablets, Surface Hub and many other devices. Even on glasses like HoloLens! Because that makes it easier for everyone to make quick decisions while having both hands free.

  • IoT and Industry 4.0

    You think of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0? Then go on the journey with us and discover all these great planets out there and find out which services you could provide with your data in the future. Let´s find out together, how your machines, replikators or other things in the universe could give feedback, where they are, in which status they are, what they are doing, if they need maintenance or would like to communicate with each other – eg. to serve each other or win the next stellular championship.

  • Name origin

    We are SUNATO, a SUN-system in the cosmos, an Azure Tech Organization that you can rely on when it comes to safe, fast, scaling, innovative data logistics enabling users to quickly interact with their data-guests.

Sunato was founded in 2010 by enthusiastic data integration and mobile experts coming from big german enterprises like Otto Group and Vattenfall. It has now a proven record of projects in the area of Integration and Innovation and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Sunato is fanatic about building scalable, secure integration software with its team of rocket scientists. Sunato was born in Hamburg, Germany – the city, that is called “gate to the world”. Today, it´s also located in Munich and Stuttgart.

  • 2017

    Scaling to the cloud

    We continued to work hard on our mission to make integration topics (EAI, EDI, API Management, IoT, ESB) as easy as possible for our customers. BizTalk 2016 with its great connection to Azure Logic Apps has been the base for many integration scenarios. IoT topics grew fast. Coupling eCommerce, CRM and ERP applications continued to be a main business of ours. Apps build on HTML5, Xamarin and HoloLens helped us visualizing data and processes.

  • 2016

    Integration and Innovation

    SAP, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV were the key applications that we integrated most often. With new offices in Stuttgart and Munich we came closer to our customers and hired many more BizTalk Experts. We started to use Azure Logic Apps in our projects and even built HoloLens Business Apps.

  • 2015

    Sunato doubles revenue

    We prove again and again, that we understand the topic: Sunato almost doubles its revenue. Besides EAI/EDI projects we succeed in mobile topics - eg. by building mobile apps with Xamarin and even augmented reality Apps (AR). At the end of 2015, Lorenz Goebel joins the management team of Sunato.

  • 2014

    Exclusive Member of the German Integration Community

    We are one of the few companies in Germany that has excellent know how of integration with the Microsoft technology stack (BizTalk/ Azure).

  • 2013

    Enterprise Application Integration worldwide

    BizTalk Integration from India to Miami - we connect global software/hardware vendors like Dell, Citrix, Microsoft to a German distributor.

  • 2012

    Early Azure Adopters

    Cloud starts to become more popular: Sunato realizes single sign on and user management for multiple enterprise applications on base of the Azure stack for a German publishing company.

  • 2011

    Microsoft Gold Partner for the first time

    "Mobile Apps" and "Integration" are quickly the two main topics of the company.

  • 2010

    We were born in 2010

    Milen Koychev and Eike Falkenberg become the first Sunato CEOs. They give up their safe jobs and enter the startup scene.