„What we do? We deliver your data – to applications, machines, devices and users. In other words: We handle the logistics of your data.“​

- Jan Fuchs, Co-Founder Sunato Stuttgart​

„When customers introduce new CRM or ERP platforms, want to connect to new partners or customers, or use new devices, they often want to integrate new applications with their existing world. That´s exactly where we help. By using technologies like BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps, developing applications on .Net, building HoloLens and Surface Hub Apps.“

- Lorenz Goebel, Co-Founder Sunato Hamburg​

Some results of what we do:

Logistics: Data on incoming container freight is transferred to a logistics service provider very quickly, otherwise trains and trucks will stop. 

Production: Machines receive production, measuring and test data at short notice, otherwise the production lines must be stopped. 

Energy: it’s a long way from the SmartMeter device to the service provider’s energy applications. The middleware significantly shortens it. 

Sales: If you create customer data in CRM, you will soon see it in SAP as well. And vice versa. 

Organization: User data is automatically synchronized with SaaS solutions. This makes it possible to optimally manage modern cloud software. 

eCommerce: Webshop articles are updated dynamically, customer-specific discount models are taken into account and orders are processed fully automatically – in the webshop and the underlying ERP systems. 

Wholesale: incoming and outgoing goods, storage quantities, rearrangements and much more are continuously exchanged between the warehouse management and ERP systems. 

Industry and trade: orders, delivery notes, invoices – the automated exchange with partners and customers via EDI ensures high transparency, low costs and fast trade relations. 

Inform customers: Always give product and production information to customers in a safe way. 

What data we exchange: from aquariums over art paintings and planetary gearboxes to toys and power data.

Imagine you are in the cosmos. The cosmos of applications, data and users. Then we build the rockets that bring you and your data from one planet to the other. But beyond that, we build shuttle services that you can use for safe transportation of your data reaching any planet, nearby in your own IT environment or far away in another stellular system, back and forth on a fixed or dynamic schedule, transporting anyone no matter where he or she comes from.

We provide shuttle stations and ports for other data-guests to hop on and off the shuttle service. We help in establishing contracts, onboarding data-partners, organizing data-travel-events and round trips through the whole universe.

We always bring you the last mile. If standards like BizTalk-Server or Azure Logic Apps and established connectors don’t work, we provide a whole bunch of .Net vehicles to bring your data to the final destination.

We take care of rockets, shuttles, stations, contracts, data-partnerships, workflows for you. We provide monitoring systems so that you always know, where your data is. We teach you on how to build, maintain and monitor your data delivery services.

No matter where your data comes from, a standard SAP system (if that exists), a proprietary legacy planet or your self-developed application-monster, everyone can use our transportation service. XML files are just as welcome as ASCII, iDocs, X12 or any other formats. They can travel to us via e-mail, ftp, webservice or many others. When they reach our stations and ports, we 3D-scan them automatically. Then they simply take a seat and enjoy the journey – no one is ever getting lost.

Data enrichment

But have you ever heard of a logistic-enterprise beeing a partnership agency at the same time? Now guess what: we are both! Many of our data-guests get to know others on their travel, they exchange information, get to like each other, sometimes even mary 🙂

Maximal Scaling at Minimum-Costs

We are passionate German engineers – we don’t like speed limits! But of course, safety comes first and we feel responsible to have a minimum impact on the nature. The vehicles we build are fast and reliable, they adopt to your speed and scaling requirements while driving with a minimum of energy and costs.

Azure Services, Cloud and On-Premise

We are not bound to earth. We prefer lightweight services rather than heavy servers. We use frameworks like .Net, cloud plattforms like Azure and then rather build services that you only pay when using them. But there are still situations where it makes sense to go the classic way and then we build everything for your own microcosmos, that belongs to you, is maintained by you, controlled by you. In either case we provide security guards, so that no space cowboy robs your data.

Mobile Apps and Data Glases

As a shuttle enterprise we feel dedicated to deliver transparent services that do just what you want. You don’t have to go through years of school bank learning to do, what astronauts do. We simply build apps so that service personell, shuttle drivers and data-guests can communicate. Of course these apps are mobile apps. They run on smartphones, tablets, Surface Hub and many other devices. Even on glasses like HoloLens! Because that makes it easier for everyone to make quick decisions while having both hands free.

IoT and Industry 4.0

You think of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0? Then go on the journey with us and discover all these great planets out there and find out which services you could provide with your data in the future. Let´s find out together, how your machines, replikators or other things in the universe could give feedback, where they are, in which status they are, what they are doing, if they need maintenance or would like to communicate with each other – eg. to serve each other or win the next stellular championship.

Name origin

We are SUNATO, a SUN-system in the cosmos, an Azure Tech Organization that you can rely on when it comes to safe, fast, scaling, innovative data logistics enabling users to quickly interact with their data-guests.

Sunato was founded in 2010 by enthusiastic data integration and mobile experts coming from big german enterprises like Otto Group and Vattenfall. It has now a proven record of projects in the area of Integration and Innovation and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Sunato is fanatic about building scalable, secure integration applications with its team of rocket scientists. Sunato was born in Hamburg, Germany – the city, that is called “gate to the world”. Today, it´s located in Hamburg and Stuttgart.


A Passion for Data is not enough!

Above our passion for data we have a strategic understanding for the needs our customers. With our products Connectyd EAI and Connectyd EDI we help them to democratize the knowledge of how to run a middleware plattform. We enable them to monitor their dataflow within their company and to others. We help them to control costs and switch payment models to flatrates and fixed fees. We enable them to decide liberately on sourcing out or managing the integration plattform themselves. This is what makes the difference to the „classic“ Azure Integration service provider.